Custom Painting

What is Fine Art?

Fine art possesses imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content.  To acquire a piece of fine art, without of course purchasing a favorite work of art from a museum for a few million bucks, an individual would need to find an artist to make a custom painting.  This artist needs to be not only extraordinarily talented and possess the skill required to create your masterpiece but is also willing to paint it.  

Art For All

Dan Kay Art Provides Affordable & Attainable Custom Painting

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Every person has different taste in what their ideal masterpiece will be.  Some people like fast, whimsical abstract art, some people desire to see realism and precision in a work of fine art.  Whether your taste preference is abstract or realistic, Dan Kay Art can produce a custom painting in the style you desire.   You pick the subject matter, or what the painting will be about, and Dan handles the rest.

Featured Paintings

Custom Painting - Landscape
Custom Painting - Vacation
Custom Painting - Stormscape
Abstract Custom Painting

Creative Process

Catered To Your Taste

First, you work with Dan to pick out what you want painted.  Dan will most likely draft out a sketch in pencil.  After all, a great custom painting starts with a great custom drawing.  Dan works with you to get approval on that sketch, then he begin painting your custom fine art.  You then pick out the style, colors, and size that you want your finished custom painting.  

You will receive in-progress photos, either via text or email during the process of creating your art.  Keep in mind, high-quality custom painting takes time, and the painting process could take months depending on the size and complexity of your project.  While you patiently wait Dan painstakingly renders your art to the best of his abilities.  Dan puts a considerable amount of time, passion and effort  into every single painting.  Often times, his customers get much more than they paid for.  

Dan Kay Art guarantees your finished custom painting.  You get to pick your subject, but you work together to come upon color scheme, size, media, and style – this ensures that you get exactly what you want.  Dan has years of painting experience and has painted from 8 inch by 10 inch custom paintings to 15 foot by 20 foot murals.  He has worked realistically, abstractly and has experience with portraits, landscapes, even caricature and cartoons.  

After hours of skilled craftsmanship and collaborating with you all the while, from sketch to final product, Dan will produce the masterpiece you desire!

Click here for pricing estimates.  Prices vary depending on subject and complexity, but you can get a good idea of the approximate price to create your masterpiece.